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Paulo, again thanks for directing me to your photos. When I clicked on the link I didn’t realized this boat was at the bottom of the page. Am I assuming that you personally took those photographs? Do you know the owners and can you provide some details? I don’t read French so you have to help me out. Why the retractable keel? What race are they going to do? I am unfamiliar with the European horsepower rating. Can you convert it to HP? I am guessing that it is about 15 HP which was about the size on the ULDB I used to race on.

What I took issue with the artist conception drawing was the tiller geometry which looked like it would knock against the coaming. I see now that they “fixed” that with the canted rudder, chamfering the coaming edge and angling the tillers inward. Have you had a chance to sail this boat yet? On the Aerodyne, the owner opted for a single rudder for maneuverability instead of the doubles. In regards to euro certification, where is the second egress from the aft state room and where is that “safety ladder”? Why did they put Wichard eye-nuts on all the stanchion base nuts? I can’t figure that one out. Oddly enough, I never had any issues with the rig or rigging. It’s way over powered and CE an CG and keel look “aft” on the boat, but I’m not a NA so I don’t have an opinion. The flat bottom and hard chines are reminiscent of the metal hulled boats and is this the flat bottom that “Keel” was referring too? It looks like the boat would do a lot of slamming in our typical conditions off of Northern California. Not my cup of tea in a cruising boat, but I would love to sail it sometime. I may be delivering a friends Leopard back from the Med in ’12 so perhaps we could…
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