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Ok here is my two cents on the Solar Stik set up..

First off i'm not a salior by any means along with my reason for joining this website was to read reviews of some of the products i chose to put into the kitchen and bathroom of my place ..

So my means for use it in the area of dealing bad weather problems to make power to recharge my bank after a bad weather ..

Where i have my house in Tx it is part of the State Hurricane and Torando Alley and i learned over the year to have a safe place to go and stay because of dealing with bad weather problems there through the years

So i made the indside of the place the torando shelter look like a high end sailing yachet or rv with all the applainces from the sailboat and rv world inside the place that where 110.volt or 120.volt along with 12.volt dc items in the place to make it more liveable dureing time i would have to live there if a torando took the house .. .. ..

With all the appliances that are the highest energy star rated as i can get them in the area of 110.or 120.volt appliances ..

I figure if i had to live in the place i wanted it to be comfortable for the long haul when i'm liveing there and it was outfited with alot of basic creature comforts items from the kitchen to the bathroom to combo bedroom and liveing room area in the place with alot of the socalled Rv and Sailboat world items ..

The reason why i chose solar stik company because of them working with me and we came up with the basic sized package that i need and it can be put up and broken down as need and stored in the shelter to recharge the shelter bank along with basic fact that they are man protable makes them a nice feature also in my book ..

My daily avg wattage is about 850 watts dureing normal day to day life there and on the days i would call bakeing and laundry days and it goes up to 1400.watts that day because of useing the stove to bake bread and other dish and useing of the combo laundry machine ..

So that why i chose the Solar Stik 100 model brezze with solar panels and given the facts that you can aim the panels to get the most out of them in the long days of summer is one of the best ideas also ..

If you go to PVWatts and use there system for how many sun hours a day your getting also help the area of TX where i'm getting about on avg is around hours a day in the winter time and summer time is about 6 kw hours more than enough to recharge the battery bank at my place

So that my two cents on the subect
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