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I just want to sail away..

For awhile....

Tell me guys, I know this isn't exactly an original idea that I am having here. But I would like to know the reality of it.

Here I am a "Land Lubber", Been on a power boat a lot and even out on the peuget sound a few times in a big boat for fishing. But NEVER a S.V.

What i want to do:

Learn to sail, I live in Colorado and I plan to take the A.S.A Basic keel Boat course and Coastal cruising course to get my liscence and be able to sail up to a 30' on my own. There is a school in denver that offers the two courses at a really good price.

Next,, Sve a Ton of $$ over the next 2 years.. i'm thinking 15k at min..

Next buy a Sail boat 25 to 28 feet somewhere on the east coast or in the gulf for $5000 or less.. (I have found A LOT of good deals in this price range). Hopefully it will be fully outfitted at this price as many I hav found are.

I figure my first trip acrossed the gulf stream I will be fully loaded with enough food to see me through 3 months so i'm not waisting money in the islands,, then top off again on the way back through to the keys..

Next,, Sail away! I am looking at 1-2 years depending on how it all goes. I figure with 10k in the bank I can live pretty good as a ocean hobo for awhile. I want to explore the caribian, and Florida keys. If I get really really good at sailing I will venture to Cazumel and maybe even Jamaica before making my way back to Florida or other mainland area to work again for a year before hopefully heading for europe for a year or two..

How can I do this? I have no wife, no kids, No debt and a good job that pays well enough that I can put away desent amounts each month. Atleast $400 a month right now..

I am also in the mean time looking for that perfect girl to travel with me, but i'm not getting my hopes up on that one..

So, what do you think? Am I missing anything obvious? Does it sound like i'm covering my bases pretty well? I do understand that A boat is nothing more than a hole in the water that can only be filled with money.... But I am hoping I choose well and get a decent one that doesn't need much more than some elbow grease and TLC...

Any suggestions? Also, where are some hot spots for novice hobo boaters in the caribian that might want to just hang out on there boat and not really be bothered? I've heard Conception island is Great for this. But so far, i've just been reading and google earthing seeing if I see anything I like from afar.

Thanks, guys.

Guy not trying to dround...
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