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Originally Posted by seabreeze_97 View Post
Logistics. 3 months water? And food? On a sub 30 footer? You any good at living on a gallon a day? Achievable? Yes. Easy? Not so much. Consider options. Water maker. Expensive. More port calls. Possibly costly. A cruiser with big tankage. A bonus if you pick the right one, but maybe not the least costly choice. You will want fresh food more than you might imagine once you're between somewhere and nowhere and pounding down another can of something, or reconstituted freeze-dried stuff (needs water). You're gonna wanna pull in somewhere.
Agreed, your financial targets are low. In this economic climate, you may get a great deal, but when figured with more honest methods, inflation is already around 10%, and likely to go higher, so your supplies will cost more. Definitely plan on more money.
I feel you on that Seabreeze.. i too have thought that the water may be a problem.. But As you said i hope to find a boat with a big water tank.. Also as i understand it, their are all kinds of fresh water wells on a lot of the islands.. i just gotta find them..

As for food. You are right again, everyonce in awhile i'm going to just want to go ashore and let some one make me a wonderful dinner and i'm sure from time to time I will. But I also see myself eating a lot of fresh caught fish.

I.D.K who knows maybe by the time I get ready to leave food will be so inflated that nobody can afford to eat!!

the lagistics really are a problem. But i think I can get passed them. Besides I honestly think that if I gotta look at more than 20k in savings/budget then I just can't do it,, after all i'm not rich. But i do think that some people are getting the impression that I plan to go out there and be the normal cash weilding tourist.. this is not the case.. I plan to be as frugal as I possibly can.. Plus, I do plan on looking for work when I can find it ( Even if I still have money in the bank) i'm not one to be un prepaired.
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