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You have the right attitude. Just keep your options open and expect contingencies to come up short. Suppose your fresh water gets contaminated and there's no island nearby. Did you have some water in a separate tank, maybe filled from the rain a couple days earlier? Do you have a small water maker for crunch times? Sometimes the fish aren't biting, other times, all you catch are reef fish that are possibly carrying ciguatera, and you can't eat them. Not trying to shoot you down. Just saying plan on it all costing more. The higher initial outlay can come in handy as you have more built-in options as opposed to being at the mercy of the moment when not prepared. An example of this thinking is when Katrina hit. Never had flooding, but we got water then. I had two boxes of small batteries in different locations. One got wet, one stayed dry. All my flashlights were fluorescent or LED, so one box was plenty. My generator took a bath, but the 12v batteries were up high. The inverter sufficed til I got the gennie dried out. Needed to recharge the batteries, car was washed out, but my truck was elsewhere and served as a short term gennie. People were sitting all day in line for a max limit of 7 gallons of gas, I had 50 gallons in reserve, then after a week, drove right past the all-day lines, went 30 miles down the road and waited a whole 15 minutes for another 50 gallons. The lessons? Prepare as best you can. Have overlapping contingencies whenever possible. Don't sit in line like everyone else. Work the problem and think. You'll be OK.
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