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Originally Posted by JAndersB View Post
And then there is the factor of weight and overall "luckyness" of a design. It is interesting to read the test of for instance X-yachts XC-series of yachts. Being very similar from 38- to 50-feet, the test resultats are rather different. The 50-footer got rather dissapointing verdicts in regards to sailing characteristics while the 38- and 42-footer came out great in the tests.
Yes, but sometimes we forget that all is relative. Yes, the XC 42 come out very well in tests but, in what regards sailing when compared at the same time with the Dufour 425, a boat that costs half the price, the results were similar, including motion comfort.

Voiles et Voiliers : Essais et comparatifs - XC 42 versus Dufour 425 : la bande-annonce

Originally Posted by JAndersB View Post
The Opium 39 and the RM1060 should both perform very well, looking at the specifications, especially the weight, but in german Yacht test the Opium last spring came out very well (9,0 knots at 90 degrees, 8-11 knot wind) but the RM 1060 as tested in the last issue did not achiew much more than 7,4 knots at 90 degrees, 12-15 knot wind despite rather windy conditions.
Yes, I would say that the RM 1060 is a fast boat but all the tests I have read (and were a lot) without saying the boat does not sails well (in fact they say the boat sails well) are a bit deceiving about it, like if testers were deceived too. Very far away from the enthusiastic comments those same testers made about the Elan 350, a boat that if we look at the numbers should be slow.

Regarding the Opium 39, those speeds on the German magazine are outstanding (and that is probably the most accurate magazine in what regards boat tests) but when the boat was tested with a Dufour 40e (by another magazine) with 18/20K winds, the results were not that different and the Dufour 40e for that type of performance boat is not even particularly fast. A Salona 41 is faster.

On other and I had test sailed the Opium 39 on a bit weaker winds 7 to 9 K winds (compared with the German test conditions) and I was really impressed, the boat was doing always over 6K speed and it reached 8K and I was not using a big Geenaker like the Germans had.

YouTube - Match au sommet voiliers de 40 pieds !

Originally Posted by JAndersB View Post
The Azzuree has got rather mixed tests both in german yacht and in the english magazines. They all recommend the lighter but more expensive version.
In what regards sailing I would not call them "mixed" results. They all found it a very fast sail boat. I would say that those mixed results had to to more with styling and the type of boat that does not suit to everybody tastes. However they all said that the Azuree 40 is a lot of boat for the money and from all boats from this type is probably the one that offers more for the money. None has such a big interior even if I bet that the one from Wauquiez has a better quality one.

I am not saying that it is the fastest, I have no doubts that the Pogo 12.50 is way faster and that probably the Opium 39 is faster too, unless we are talking about the lighter and more expensive version of the Azuree 40, but even so the Azuree is a fast and interesting cruiser.



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