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Originally Posted by G1000 View Post
Thanks. I have already read discussion twice. Just some time passed and wanted to double ask considering today's perspective.

I wouldn't be so sure about Wauquiez good health, this just based on "Group Experton-Revollier acquires Wauquiez Shipyard", but do we real know anything else? Wauquiez range is so short, that Opium 39 sales should skyrocket to be afloat. But with current competition and upcoming Elan400 and Maxi11 this hardly possible.
Yes you are right in pointing the Maxi 11 as a very interesting boat among this kind of fast cruisers even if I think it is going to be a much narrower boat, but I am afraid that one will cost way too much, as unfortunately all Max boats to be a problem to the Opium 39 and I bet that the Elan 40 is going to be a lot more heavier than the Opium and with a worse quality interior. I think the Opium 39 will only be replaced, commercially speaking, by another similar boat made by Wauquiez. It's bigger problem is to be a several year's old design, even if it is a GREAT design and the god point is that I believe that is the right moment to get great deals on that boat with Wauquiez.

Regarding the wauquiez sailboats, it has not such a small line, they have the pilot saloon line and they are going to have a bigger Opium. When I have said that it is on good health I mean that you would take no risk in commanding an Opium 39 now because they had a huge injection of money and are not in the hands of a small company that tries to survive but in the hands of a group that has an annual turnover of 450 millions € a year. I don't know if they are going to survive at long term (if they are a good business for the group) but I know that they will be fine at least for an year or two. I really hope they make it because Wauquiez has really a big tradition in the sailing world and it would be a shame to lose it.

Originally Posted by G1000 View Post
The more I look at Azuree 40, the more I like it. Specially a black one then double windows "merge" with the hull. Plus bowsprit becomes part of the boat. On the over hand I do not like nor Opium 39, nor RM 1260, so "look" factor is really very personal. Azuree interior is really nice and should be perfect for a couple to liveaboard full time.
Yes, I agree that a black hull will look a lot better on that boat and that would hide those two series of hull ports. You have also the visual problem on those two similar ports on the "roof", on the side, over the galley. If you look at the sportive version, the Orange one, you will see that they don't have that opening over the Galley that joins the two ports and make them ugly. I am sure you can have two smaller openings, one in each port (over the Galley) and that would improve a lot the looks.

I agree that this boat has a great interior for cruising, one of the best if not the best in all performance 40fts and that at least for me, it would be more than enough for a couple living aboard.

Some videos:

The one from Yachtingworld test and two with the boat sailing with lot's of wind and another one here they sailed with a sail that should already be reefed . This is a boat that has a lot of stability but that gains in being reefed early otherwise it can take a lot of heel (like the Pogo or the Opium 39). Not dangerous on the boat stability or problematic in what regards sailing but not comfortable in what regards a cruising crew, taking into account the dimensions of the large cockpit and the big transom.

YouTube - Azuree 40 boat

YouTube - azuree 40 forza 7 cecchini

YouTube - azuree 40 lasco 30 nodi CECCHINI BALLERINI TOMASSI

YouTube - Azuree 40 sailing.MOD

I have found out more and nicer pictures. See what I mean regarding those two port hulls over the galley (orange and white boat) and see how the boat looks better in the Orange version mainly because those port hulls are not so visible. It would look even better with a black hull.

Azuree 40 | Ceccarelli Yacht Design & Engineering

If you are going to test sail one of those I would be very interested in hearing your comments about it and if you really buy one of those I would loved to have the chance to test sail it with you . Keep us informed please, there is more people around interested in a Azuree, on the 40 and on its little sister, the 33.



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