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VHB Tape Use

If I were to write instructions for our manufacturing personnel, they would sound something like this:

LEAVE the paper on one side and press it to the glazing. Roll it on with a rubber wall paper roller. Peel the paper off of 1/2" at one corner letting the little tab hang outside the edge of the glazing. Position the glazing on the hull, bare-tape corner last. Mark the opposite top corner for reference. Now, with that 1/2" adhered to the hull, pull the little tab slowly, revealing the tape to the hull. You have a locked location but can pivot it slightly to get the location perfect. By the time you complete one edge, you'll have a hinge point that will keep the glazing accurately positioned and allow it to be about 1" from the mounting surface. Slowly remove the rest of the paper and roll the glazing into place. VHB tape is designed as an adhesive, not as a sealant, regardless of how well it seems to perform. Also, some glazing materials break down when exposed to the elements. I would highly recommend the silicone. Use masking tape around the perimeter and around the edge of the glazing to make a really nice looking shape similar to a sealed gasket. Shoot in the silicone and tool it. Un-tooled, the silicone's seal is questionable at best. GE makes a spray that works really well. Spray it on the silicon, and use a plastic spoon to tool it, one, continuous movement around the perimeter. Then, remove the masking tape immediately. Now, grimace because you just got silicon all over your hands! Use the GE spray to get it off.

This method works well, at least it did for my four port lights.
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