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Originally Posted by tdw View Post
Nice boat the Dehler though I've always had a soft spot for them. In reality however I don't see that it has serious appeal for me but that may be simply a case of me getting old.

Paulo, we sailed up the coast over Easter. 80nm run up to Port Stephens. Typical NSW SW conditions. Breeze 15- 20 out of the SW, swell out the SE. We plonked along at 6.5 - 7.5 with the occasional burst of 8.5 off the bottom of the odd wave. To be honest, I'm not sure I want to go much faster than that particularly in those conditions which are fairly typical of the NSW coast.
Nice to see you are having fun I don't know what currents you have there but I can tell you that even the cruiser version "heavy" Dehler 41 would make that trip with a two more K average speed than your steel 34ft Van de Stadt.

Some on this thread would say that the Dehler is way to slow and want a boat that can make that trip in half the time and that would not be difficult with a Pogo 12.50. Some would say that they could not care less about the speed and would be happy to go slower with some small traditional full keel boat (even if you don't find many of those on this thread ).

The way each of us enjoy sailing is a particular one and speed is sometimes part of the equation. I love speed but I have done (and probably I am going to continue to do) a lot of upwind and light wind sailing, so my priorities are for a fast boat that can sail very well in very light winds and that can go easily and comfortably upwind. but my wife that does not sail the boat (she is reading all the time) also wants a fast boat

I explain: We make a lot of 80nm legs, like 10 days in a row and that means in a 6K boat to sail out at 7.0 AM and to arrive at 8.30 PM after a nice sailing day. Normally we chose some nice place to stop but we do not enjoy the place as we would like. We only manage to make a landfall (after storing the boat and having a shower) at about 9.30 , returning to the boat at around 1.0 AM . No shopping (and that pisses my wife) that is always finding beautiful and inexpensive things on closed shops (and I am alright with that ) but that means also that most of the time we cannot sail away at 7.00, but only after the opening of the first shops (she wants fresh bread and vegetables) and that happens at 8.00 or 8.30.

And that is with the Bavaria 36 that is a 6K boat, with a 34 steel boat I would not be sailing most of the time and I would not average more than 5K speed on the kind of weather I normally get.

Some would say, don't do 80nm, do less. Well, most of the time I do less cause I cannot sail away at 7.00 (I love to sail away when the sun is low on the horizon and the day is coming) but only at 8.30 or 8.45 (that fresh bread thing is almost an imposition from my family ) and that means that most of the time we are arriving later, at sunset or don't manage to do 80nm but only 70.

Some would still say: do less than 70 miles, but less than that is really going too slow and taking a lot of time for making a way to some far destination.

Me and my wife would like to have a boat capable of a 7/7.5 k average speed. Some would say that is meaningless, that is just 1 or 1,5 K over the Bavaria average speed. Yes it is, but that would mean that we would arrive almost 3 hours sooner and that would mean to find all shops open, to dinner at a more proper time enjoying sunset and to enjoy more 3 hours at a nice place (new town) and to be able to sail away at 7.00 with fresh food and bread. That is important for both of us.

I know that all of us have different sailing programs. Me and Isabel love to cruise and to cruise for us is being on the move and knowing nice new places and for that we want a fast sailing boat. Well besides that I want also a fast sailing boat because it is a lot more fun to sail . Isabel does not care about that. She will be reading.



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