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Hi Paulo,
very nice of you to give "a face" to a strive after a certain passage making speed. I also agree with you regarding the big effect a small speed increase will have when making longer distances.

I would like to add to what you say another aspect that I have already touched at earlier in this thread. As a former windsurfer it is in my bones to always try and get the thing I am using for sailing into planing condition. Besides giving a huge boost in shopping time it will give the sailing sensation an even bigger boost.

Once again, last sunday, I had dream conditions with my Dehler 43 CWS here in Sweden. Sunshine and 18-22 knots of wind from 120 degrees thrue. First hour very nice with speeds around 8-9 knots (full main and jib) but then I once again got frustrated by not reaching "the higher" level so to say, and I had again to settle with cruising along at this speed. Ocassionally I got a wave to take me to 10 knot but only for very short periods. Pitty you can not pump a sailboat on to planing speed, as I could with my board.

And even if I am contemplating a switch to an Opium, RM or similar, I think I will be dissapointed in their speed too, as we have discussed before. On a windsurfer we dont carry any gear, on a boat we doo...


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