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Originally Posted by JAndersB View Post
... I also agree with you regarding the big effect a small speed increase will have when making longer distances.
Once again, last sunday, I had dream conditions with my Dehler 43 CWS here in Sweden. Sunshine and 18-22 knots of wind from 120 degrees thrue. First hour very nice with speeds around 8-9 knots (full main and jib) but then I once again got frustrated by not reaching "the higher" level so to say, and I had again to settle with cruising along at this speed. Ocassionally I got a wave to take me to 10 knot but only for very short periods. Pitty you can not pump a sailboat on to planing speed, as I could with my board.

And even if I am contemplating a switch to an Opium, RM or similar, I think I will be dissapointed in their speed too, as we have discussed before. On a windsurfer we dont carry any gear, on a boat we doo...
Hi Anders,

I don't think you would notice a big difference in speed between your boat and a Rm 1200. We will see about the RM 1260. Probably with a lot of wind you can go one or two K faster downwind, but you would not gain anything upwind. Regarding the Opium I am pretty sure you will notice the difference, on light wind speed and downwind, but you really have to sail one to see what I mean. I can tell you that there are a huge difference in speed between the Opium 39 and the Rm 1200, and not only speed but also in feeling at the wheel.

I have said already that I find your boat (Dehler 43CWS) one of the best from the 90's. Let me compare it with the new Dehler 41. They have some very close measures even if one is a 41 and the other a 43.

Of course the hull is very different with the new Dehler with a beam much more brought aft and a larger transom. The hull is also a semi-planning hull, much more than the one from the 43 and the boat is lighter, much lighter in the performance version that I prefer : less 1200 kg, the same sail area, a more modern and planning hull about the same beam and the same LWL will make the new 41 Dehler performance boat much faster and a boat that will sail a lot better with light winds and much better in downwind speed.

Regarding what they call the cruising version that as I have said is a remarkably less expensive boat but a boat with lower specifications everywhere, the sail area is the same (unless they have a racing rig that is not yet specified for the performance version) the hull is also the same even if cored with balsa instead of airex but the weight is very different: 8280Kg, more 800 kg than the performance version but less 420kg than on the older Dehler 43 CWS.

The performance between the two Dehler versions will be really big but even the "cruiser" one will be significantly faster than the 43 CWS, not only because it has less weight for the same sail but because it has a more modern hull. The difference will be also more noticed in light wind and in downwind sailing with lot's of wind.

Anders, why not one of these new babies, I mean the performance version? I bet that you would notice the diference



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