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Paulo, I take your point and if I was doing a succession of 80nm hops I'd also think the extra couple of knots would be important.

Reality is however that I'm a dawdler, a slowpoke, someone who enjoys getting to an anchorage and hanging around for a few days.

I think that is why we (that is all of us , not you and me) have these long term discussions on the subject of the "perfect" cruising boat. Need to do 80nm every day for ten days ? Hell yeah, I'd want the fastest possible ride as well. Do a lot of day sailing ? Give me speed. I wanna boogie.

Lets face it, I spend far more time slouching about , reading, listening to music, eating and drinking than I do actually sailing. Now I don't want a complete slug and yes I admit that our dear old Raven does not move in under 5knots of wind and really needs plus ten to get along little doggy (dogey?) but if I can passage make on the basis of 5knts average, reality is I am content.

To have sailed a true performance yacht up to Port Stephens in those conditions would have been seriously exhilarating with a crew of four or more. For a crew of two old farts like us it would have been exhausting. Were we doing the same up north near the Whitsundays then the fast boat would have been a gem not doubt, in the seas we were in not so much.



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