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Originally Posted by JAndersB View Post
Hi Paulo,
the main reason I do not want to go that road is that I have partially been there already and found a big drawback. Sailing single handed and often with a lot of sail area up for the thrill, modern fat aft hull sections demads twin rudders for control (or constant adjustment of main sail track, which is OK with good crew), and no manufacturer provides that in the boat type you refer to. Only Benetau has started now with the Sense, but as said before they are rather heavy.

Hi Anders,

The Sense is not only heavy is also fat it is not designed to plane and is not very bright upwind (worse than the Oceanis). It is a boat that is interesting but I don't think it is what you are looking after.

I agree with what you say but you are exaggerating a bit and it also depends a lot on the boat. Twin rudders give better downwind control but a well designed hull is also part of the equation. I remember reading a post of a luffe 43 owner saying that he had sailed his boat (with all the family) inside doing 16/17k with fingertip control:


Yes it will be slightly better with two rudders but a modern hull with the draft brought back is very stable downwind. The other problem with a single rudder is to lost control sooner at the limit and broach the boat more easily . But the new Dehler have (like your boat) a high ballast/displacement ratio and has a much deeper ruder. I don't think you will have any problems controlling this boat with a short crew or solo (of course the limits will not be the same but I believe you can sail very fast solo on this boat).

I also believe it will be harder to broach than your boat (deeper rudder about the same RM, a more modern hull) and I believe your boat does not broach easily. A Opium 39 a 1200 RM or a Pogo have a much bigger need regarding two rudders because they are more beamy boats. The Dehler 41, like the First 40 or the Salona 41 are much narrower boats and that has nothing to do with the broad stern. Broad sterns have to do with beam brought aft, even on a narrow boat.

For me the bigger problems with these new generation "classic" fast sailboats (First, Dehler, Salona) has to do with the draft of the rudder. I would not have a 2.00m draft boat with one of those rudders. The keel and the rudder would be at almost the same level and that seems imprudent to me.

Take a look at the rudder on the 43CWS on a 2.0 m draft boat: way up regarding the keel.

Now take a look at this drawing with the Dehler showing the 2.40 and 2.20 (standard) keels. They have a short draft keel with 2.00 with the same ruder. Can you imagine it? That's the same with the First and the Salona: on the 1.98m keel version the rudder and the keel are practically level. Weird looking
in what concerns me, I mean the keel and rudder at the same level



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