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Originally Posted by yus View Post
Hello Paulo,

Thanks for you reply.
The boat we own at the moment is a Baba 35 (Perry design). It is very confortable for us and very safe, but we took decision to change type of boat and have two cabins to give a better accomodation to some friends. I think the new concept of boat, which is represented by the Azuree 33, Should be more roomy inside compare to my Baba. The Azuree uses the full lenght and it is also more width. I think we should appreciate the difference in terms of space. What do you think about?
The Elan 350 is nice too but I prefer the Azuree, I think is more roomy inside.

Regards, yus.
Hei Yus, I had a look at the Baba 35 and it is a nice boat with a cozy interior, but certainly a slow one

Baba 35 Review :

Regarding the Azuree 33, it is very unusual to me to say that I think the slower boat is better but it is what I think in your case. I don't think the problem would be the interior space but the loading capacity. The Baba has a big load capacity. It can carry 75 gallons of fuel and 100 of water. Well on the Azuree 33 the fuel tank dimension is not very important because it is a very good sailing boat that can sail with very weak winds, but the water is indispensable for having the autonomy for staying some days atanchor. The Azuree only has a water tankage of 160L and that's really not enough for living aboard. the Elan 350 has and identical problem. I think that this will be the biggest problem, not the interior space.

I really think that the Oceanis 37 (346 L of water) or the new Jeanneau 379 (336L of water) are a more realistic option.

Anyway these would be incomparably faster than the Baba and the Jeanneau will have a performance version that will be even faster (and faster than the Azuree 33). These boats will also have a much bigger freezer and a lot more storage space and probably can carry almost the same load of the old Baba 35.



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