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JK - As a Mac 26S owner, I must respond. I know it's not unusual to bash Mac's but maybe a few thoughts from a Mac owner.

First off, I don't own a Mac26X or M, the "power sailers". with big motors. I own a "S" model, a "real" sailboat to use your standards, with an 8hp outboard. When I bought mine, I didn't consider the newer "power sailers" because I too wanted a "real" sailboat and I didn't want to spend the extra money for something that didn't have any extra value 'for me.'

There are many people that like some of the more unusual features of the M & X's. They may want a boat to use for fishing, running around on or maybe take their kids sking, when the family gets bored "sailing." They are a compromise BUT isn't just about everything in life a compromise? Even the X's and M's have compromises between the two.

For thirty plus years I sold motorcycles. Some people wanted "dual purpose" bikes. I knew they didn't work very well for rough off road use, they weren't as comfortable for use on the street PLUS they even cost more than the same engine size street model. People still bought them because it fit their needs and wants.

If you look at how many power sailers Roger MCGregor has sold (while many boat companies have gone out of business) you have to admit there are people out there that want this type of boat. Hell, look at the resale values.

No they aren't for everyone but I dare say we could probably make a list of negatives for just about anyone's boat on this forum.

So when you say, 'you wouldn't take one for free,' some of us find it a bit insulting and a bit narrow minded. I understand it's your opinion (and you are entitled to it) but it's my opinion you may have a somewhat narrow view. There are times when I look at some of the boats on this forum and think, boy I wouldn't want something like that but I wouldn't insult the owner's of that type of boat by saying it. I might ask a question about it or make some other comment but I would tell them that it's a piece of junk etc.

Just my opinion...

Originally Posted by JKCatalina310 View Post
I think I have to agree with mdbee on the crack. Looks like the owner hit something.

I would also question if the title is clean before putting in an offer.

But more importantly, why a Mac 26? You couldn't get me to take one for free. They don't sail well. They don't motor well. Either pick a sailboat or a power boat but never both.

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