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I would have to agree with Paulo, ASSUMING you are living aboard ALL the time, in a marina, at anchor etc. If in a marina a lot, adding water to the tanks via hose is not bad, but at anchor?!?!?! Not sure I would want to "depend" if you will on a water maker per say.

BUT, with this in mind, if you are going to buy the boat new, it has 160L of water in one tank, it could be worth asking if there is a locker where another 100-200L of water could go. Like maybe in the front V berth area. Fill when guests are on board and anchor sailing/cruising, but when marina cruising etc, leave empty.

Some of the larger Jeanneau's and would assume other brands have this option. A possible option and way to get some more water.

Fuel on the other hand, Paulo did not say, nor do I know the capacity off the top of my head of the Auzuree. I have a 7 gal, or about 25L tank in my 85 Jeanneau. For where I am, barely enough fuel. 15-20gals, or about 80-100L would be better or minimum. I sail in the US in Pugetsound up to the BC area of Canada. While we do not want to, depending upon the wind, tide to deal with, we motor more than many of us want to. Otherwise, you could be going against a 4-6 knot current. So where I might prefer to sail in less than say 5-7 knots of wind, with only a 5-7 hr window, tacking against the wind, then a really adverse current, one motors, or motor sails per say. If I was on a coast of Europe, NA or equal or in the med away from the entrance which I understand can get some current, then I could see a bit less fuel. Just saying, where you sail etc, fuel might be more of a concern than Paulo seems to be implying.


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