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The inaugural delivery trip in my 27' Calypso was memorable in several ways, not the least of these being coming under fire from a German Frigate.

Last summer, and I'm 7nm South of the Eddystone Light, off Plymouth, UK.
Going along nicely, when the radio bursts into life:
"Securite Securite Securite...zis is ze German warship 'Lubeck'
Ve vill be commencing live firing excercises in sea area xxN xxxW from 1400 until 1600"

My crewmate - his first sailing experience and first time on the water out of sight of land - says "that's not anywhere near to us, is it ?" in a wide-eyed, high-pitched tone.
I reply..."er, it's almost exactly where we are...."

Presently a large grey shape looms up on the horizon, and bears down at an impressive rate of knots...after zooming around us for 20 minutes she halts about a mile off our stbd beam and procedes to lower a large, triangular orange target buoy into the water.
Did I mention that we have orange/brown sails ?

To cut a long story short, we then spend what seemed like days, heads down, waiting for the inevitable round through the hull, as the German Navy opened up with every weapon at their disposal.

Safely back on dry land some days later, I google the 'Lubeck' - and find that she's famous for shooting herself, amongst other things...

So what did I learn ? - Always contact the Coastguard with your sailplan - and to not resemble a naval target buoy if at all possible.

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