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Originally Posted by SVEtosha View Post
Hi Doug,

Thanks for reply. Having owned a 416 since 89 you must be very happy with her?
Yes, my wife and I are, although I had a low spot where I was playing diesel mechanic more than sailor. 3 years ago I repowered from the Lehman 4D50 (which was a marinized Peugeot engine) to a Yanmar 4JH4E (54 hp) and I'm *much* happier.
I would appreciate your feedback on the following if that is possible.

I like the pilothouse look but am not sure if the windows are to big. As I will be doing a lot of bluewater sailing in the south pacific & southern areas of Australia I will encounter big seas. Do you think the windows are up to it?
Mine are not, IMHO. While the glass itself is laminated, the frames on mine are teak and are screwed into the cabin (from both sides), not through-bolted. If I were ever to go offshore I'd contemplate some type of storm shutter--probably lexan, as through-bolting what I have probably wouldn't be sufficient.
Where do you keep your propane tanks?
The starboard cockpit locker is set up as propane storage. Sealed with an overboard drain, it holds 2 20lb tanks.
I was under the impression that Cooper sold the molds to Bayliner in 81 after a fire at the factory & from that date the Cooper 416 was made with the name US42. Is this correct or is yours a genuine Cooper 416 which goes against the reviews I have read?
Mine was built in 1984 (we are the 2nd owners). The electrical panel has the Cooper logo, and all paperwork refers to it as Cooper. The hull number begins with CEL, and the original mainsail had Cooper's stylized "C" around a maple leaf. How all of this dovetails with your information I couldn't say, but from all appearances this originated from the factory as a Cooper.
Yes, some have single & others twin spreaders. Which is the same with the bbackstay. Does your 416 have a single or twin backstay?
Twin backstay. I always thought it was because the original owner had the helm seat built way up for better visibility over the 'house and a single backstay would have been in the way.
Others have said that the tanks can split & then big problems to fix them. Have you encountered this problem & if so what was your problem & how did you fix it?

As I will be doing extended cruising, do you think your water & fuel tankage is surficient? I am thinking that more water would be good. I noticed uyou have extra water in the v-berth. Is there other areas where another water tank could be placed?

The other choice is to install a water maker. Is there room for this to be done?
I've never heard of tanks splitting, but then I've never found a lot of information circulating regarding these boats. Ok, in the era of the web I haven't exactly looked very hard either . The main water, fuel, and original holding tank are all aluminum, and the tank under the v-berth is fiberglass. The aluminum holding tank rotted and I replaced it with polyethelene. Should there be a problem with either the main water tank or fuel tank it will be expensive to fix. The water tank is outboard, to port just before the step down to the main salon (in my boat). The fuel tank is opposite on the starboard side, under the stove (on most boats) and much of the galley cabinetry.

I have a total of 220 gallons of water tankage (180+40), and it wouldn't be hard to find space for more. However given the hull shape it's likely to be high up (like the v-berth tank). There might be some space to install a bladder tank.

I'm not sure how much room a watermaker realistically takes, although especially with the component models you ought to be able to fit it in somewhere.

The photos of your 416 show her a a very lovely yacht, congrats. I do not see any solar panels or wind genny. What & how many batteries do you have & what do you use for charging them up?
Thank you! The picture (which paints the hull in the best light) was a lucky shot.

When I repowered I replaced the batteries (6x Trojan T105) with 2x Lifeline AGM batteries, 255 Ah. These are exclusively charged from a 120a alternator.
You mentioned growth on the hull. Is this due to the beam?
As Faster mentioned, rate of hull growth is no different from any other boat, however this hull seems to be sensitive to small amounts of growth, and yes, I'd guess due to her beam
I am 6' 3'' tallso am wondering what sort of headroom do you have in the fwd cabin, head, saloon, galley area & the aft cabin?
Headroom in general is very good, but be sure to check out the berths. At least in my layout they tried to squeeze a lot in an aft cockpit 41' boat, and at not quite 6' I find the berth's a little short.
Is the chain locker very big? How much chain/warp do you carry there?
I carry 300' of 5/16" HT chain for the main anchor (45lb CQR), and 250' of 3/4" rope/50' of chain for the 33lb (I think) Bruce. The partitioning of the chain locker space wasn't done very well, and I'm thinking about some changes (TBD) there this year. I happen to have all the gear removed as I'm going to re-galvanize the CQR and its chain.

Doug Steinfeld
SV Folie A Deux
Cooper 416
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