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That appears to be a home-made spinnaker crane as a standard crane normally has two rings that angle out at 45 degrees from the center-line on either side of the headstay. Two because one normally needs the ability to hoist a new spinnaker before dropping the old one (a "peel"). However, the simplest fix would be to have your sailmaker add a spectra cover to your spinnaker halyard for a couple of feet on either side of the wear location. Frankly, however, it looks like the hoist of the jib is too great and I wonder how the tack is attached to the furling drum at base of the headstay. Also, FYI, adjusting the hoist would solve another problem. That is, your jib halyard should make an angle of no less than 10 degrees from the alignment of the headstay to avoid halyard wraps. This is accomplished by adding a halyard guide just below the halyard block at the mast-head. With this arrangement, the swivel/spindle at the masthead would be lower, reducing, but not eliminationg, chafe, as the halyard will still chafe against the headstay when the spinnaker halyard exit slot is to windward given your crane arrangement. Frankly, I'd replace the masthead crane--Garhaurer will make a proper crane for you very inexpensively--adjust the jib hoist, add a jib halyard guide; and, add spectra covers to both spinnake halyards.

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