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Originally Posted by rockDAWG View Post
You may take my statement out of context, but way

I am sorry if I have stepped on your toes. It is absolutely sad when parents have to attend funeral of their child. But yet, it is the responsibility of the parent mind their own children and instill social responsibly in the head in a young age. It is not the school's responsibility.

Partying, drinking and operating a boat is just plain stupid. If this happened to a young man, I blamed the parent. If they love their children, then take care of them away from harm.

In my career for the last 30 years, I have saved and improved the quality of others. I have not lost the humanity in me. In fact, as I grow older my passion in improving the quality of life grows stronger. The is way i have not retired yet because there are so much to do.

Kids don't some very stupid things. because it is not programed in their genes. It is the influence they gain from the surrounding. If you are old enough to have kids, then you are old enough to care for them. Show them the proper way, instills value in their head. Don't blame the government, the internet, or Obama. Take care your own, especially your kids.

Again, I am sorry to step on yours toes. All the best and hope you find peace in your heart.
Just curious. Do you always drive the speed limit or below? If you answer is no, what if you ran over a child and you were driving 1 mph over the limit. Should you be held accountable? Have you ever had a child passanger in you car and maybe on a rare occasion not had the proper safety or booster seat but drove the child anyway using a grown up belt? Have you ever driven a car that was not in top shape, maybe the tires were worn, or the conditions (icy) were poor? Have you ever driven when you were tired but thought you really needed to get to where you wanted to go?

We all take risk, mostly we win, but sometimes we loose.
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