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Originally Posted by JAndersB View Post
Hi Eric and Paulo,
I have always found Dehlers (of modern age) very dark inside. Dark wood and small windows. Only the cws-range from early 90 is to my liking.

By the way I today finally decided and have signed for a Wauquiez Opium 39, hull 11, to be delivered 2011-06-15. It was a close call with Azuree 40 but the better size for me, lighter boat and much bigger cabin top windows where among important factors.

Regards from the cockpit of my sold Dehler in a natural harbour north of Gothebourg, in beatiful sunshine,
The interiors that were dark were the ones from some years ago. The Dehlers I have saw in the last years on the boat shows have nice interiors and light woods. Of course, probably you have to pay more for it (probably mahogany is standard) but everybody choses to pay

Anders, Congratulations for the Opium 39 . Like the Eric I like it a lot more than the Azuree and I really would be concerned about the safety stability of the Azuree Standard cruiser. Do you have asked them the stability curve?

I didn't want to push it with you because you really looked very interested in the Azuree, but now that you have decided have a look at the stability curve from the Opium and look at the differences with the one from the Azuree fast cruiser:

Regarding reserve stability you read it this way - the force the boat is making to right itself up is equal to the area under the curve from that angle of heel till the AVS. If both curves are very similar in what regards low angles of heel you will see that the areas (and the force the boat is making to right itself up) from 70 to the AVS are very different and hugely different after 90 of heel. And that curve is the one from the Fast cruiser, the one from the Standard cruiser is will be a lot worse in what regards reserve stability.

Maybe it is because I once got caught in the middle of the night by a tornado or a micro burst or some weird meteorologic phenomena that have my boat lying in the water for what seamed to me like a long time (even if probably it was just some minutes) that I really consider important a boat to have a good safety stability. When the wind stopped to blow at a huge speed the boat right itself up, like it was nothing notwithstanding a radar dome in the mast. I would really hate to have continued knocked-down specially because my daughter was inside the boat



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