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Thank you all for the great advice!

WingNwing, I like the idea you put forward. That would really put needs vs wants to the test so I may just try it. My camping expeditions have been almost exclusively in remote areas with only what I can carry so I can relate to the point that Vagabondette makes. I do have a tendency to leave anything that I find in the very bottom of my pack or the peak of my kayak's internal compartment at home on the next trip.

Tom, I like the picks you suggested, with the exception of the motorsailer. I am not a big fan of those for the reason of the motor. While I do use the motor for entering/leaving the marina area, I never liked listening to the hum of a motor. It tends to put me to sleep, LOL! But the Dana and the Westsail are both beautiful boats. I love the traditional looks and, indeed, the Westsail 32 is on my final list of choices. 32' to 41' comprise the range of lengths when I look at the list I've made. All have a full or at least long fin keel and most have the canoe stern with the Cape Dory's being one of the exceptions I can think of without actually looking at the list.

I can see the point you make concerning beam also. The Endeavor 32 that I briefly owned had 10' of beam and I often visualized what 1 more foot of beam would allow for that boat. All of the boats that made my list have the U-shaped galley, which seems safer to use at sea and is one of the things I had wished the Endeavour had.

CaptainTim, your plans of a 5 year cruise on a 34' boat with 5 individuals really makes me reconsider what I will actually need. As I will most likely be sailing alone I will probably not need the amount of space I think I do. When I sit down to look at boats I do generally start around the 32' range. When I think about my search habits, I tend to end up with the longer boats. Now I am thinking I'm getting caught up in the "bigger is better" mindset.

Lately, I have started viewing all the useless things I've acquired over the years as anchors. I drag them around, never use them, but the tend to distract me. One of the main reasons for wanting to transition to life afloat is to get rid of these things. When camping, I tend to feel much less distracted. My thoughts tend to be more focused because of it and I feel much less weighed down by, at times even free of, the materialism of mainstream society.

Out of curiosity, do marinas tend to require a certain boat length for liveaboards? I am planning on spending a year or two around Norfolk to attend some sailing schools and gain some much needed offshore experience before I head out. I was actually hoping to find a berth near other liveaboards so I can pick them for advice. I must say that I'm glad I ran across this forum. The posts made by all have taught me much so thanks again for your advice. Keep it coming!
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