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dhart..... I have asked myself the very same questions....many times in my life. I have shared the very same anger as you. I am now an agnostic, and choose to view God on my own terms, not those of organized religion. That being said, I have always had to re-examine the situation and remind myself that what separates us from wild animals is that God gave us "free will".

Since man possesses "free will", and will use that free will, there is little that God can do to prevent what happens on earth. The devil and the evil that he is and causes are very real. He cannot take a human life, but his minions that are human can. Had God not given us "free will".....we would be nothing more than animals following imprinted instinctive behaviors.

I have, in these events, chosen to believe that these happenings are man made and out of the hands of God, but hope deep within my heart and soul that Gods many Angels were present to help and escort the souls of the dead home to Heaven....and that other Angels will be with the families of the fallen to help them through this trying time.

But I agree with you.....this is a situation that has to be handled by man. The actions to complete our retaliation and make sure that something like this never happens again must be handled by man alone. I can only pray that our responses will be of long duration, concise, well directed at the guilty parties and of such magnitude of destruction, death and horror that any in the future who would even for a moment think of attacking us would instead quake with fear at the thought.

This is a time when we need to pray, give blood, give emotional support and give direction to our elected so, and at the same time send good thoughts to those suffering the most right now. They need that help.
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