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Originally Posted by Chimbatete View Post
Hey Paulo,

You've given us so many boats to drool over and you seem to be enthusiastic with them all. So given half a million$$ (350keuros) give or take, whats top 10 buy on your list? Looks, speed, off-shore, service, wife (kids), re-sale value taken into consideration.


It does not work that way. I love boats and I look at them not only under my personal perspective (my dream boat for the program I want to have and for my particular tastes) but under a more global perspective where the criteria is the design quality for any relevant program and price target, not only mine.

Probably I can do this quite easily because I am an Architect and I am used to do this all the time. I mean the houses I design, except the one I have design to myself, are not my idea of an ideal house for me (aesthetics and kind of live/program they provide) but someone else's dream. I also have found out with my own experience that our dreams, in what regards a boat or a house, vary with time and there are not a "right" dream. The good boat or the good house are the one that completely satisfies you and what satisfies you may not be what satisfies me.

Independently of any particular kind of dream/program it is possible to associate people in some major groups that have the same vision of live and boating and that want the same program in a boat or in a house. Regarding boats, these groups represents the market. Different builders try to satisfy the needs and dreams of different groups of sailors with appropriately designed boats (of course, each of these groups tend to find that they are the only ones that want the right boat and that the others just don't know nothing about sailboats, but that's another story ).

On this thread I try to talk about new market boats that are interesting not to any particular group but that are interesting to any of those groups, taking into account design quality and the satisfaction of each group dreams and desires.

That's why you hear me talk about a lot of enthusiasm about different boats. I guess that my own professional perspective make me capable of really appreciate boats that don't satisfy my own program but that are incredible good at satisfying other programs.

You have always to take into account that a boat is always a compromise. I would want a boat with a deck saloon view, good looking as a classic boat, with the speed of a racing trimaran, with a seaworthiness of a purposely designed high latitudes blue-water boat, with the interior quality of a top Swedish boat at the price of an inexpensive mass produced boat

Get my drift? This boat will never exist. It is up to you and to all of us to try to understand what is the (possible) compromise that will satisfy most of our dreams, desires and sailing program and I hope this thread helps with that.

I have said along the thread what is my sailing program and what is my ideal compromise (type of boat) to the money I have. Let me say that unless you have a lot of money, money will always be a central part of the equation and many times discounts over the standard price will decide the choice between similar typed boats. The ideal boat for what I want would not be the same if I had less money neither would be the same If I had more money, but the important is to get a boat, because without a boat there will not be a boating life.

And not even that is true, what is really important is sailing and enjoying cruising or racing. There are many from whom just does not make any sense to have a boat but that loves sailing. If you have only three weeks holidays in a year it would make a lot more sense to charter a boat. But even charter boats can vary a lot. Yes, the fat ones with lot's of space for the ones that give more importance to the live aboard than sailing are the large majority (as the sailors that prefer that even if the say otherwise) but you can also find other types for the ones that gives more importance to sailing.

Regarding your question, put more 100 000€ and for my sail pleasures and cruising program, I would chose a Dragonfly 35, but let me tell you that the sail pleasure in my case counts more than the space provided, not in quality (space quality is important for me), but in m2. But as anyway I don't have the 450 000€ that cost a Dragonfly 35 nor the 300 000€ that costs an used one, that is pretty irrelevant to me, as it should be my own choice to you. Only by a very unprovable accident would your sailing program, sailing tastes and most frequent cruising grounds, be the same.

YouTube - ‪Dragonfly 35 Trimaran‬‏

Dragonfly Trimarans by Quorning Boats of Denmark | DRAGONFLY 35 Presentation



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