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Originally Posted by AlaskaMC View Post
I want one of these too! Oh yeah, I will need that on the used market actually at the price of a 1970s beater!

Seriously though, great post Paulo! We have been looking into our dream boat now for about a year and it has been interesting to see our needs and means really begin to change what our original ideas were. We have now realized that our plan will really be one of coastal cruising, no real "bluewater" for the first few years, likely cold weather for much of the time, and often light or medium winds. In other words, our cruising grounds (Prince William Sound and Resurrection Bay, Alaska) and our available time will make a huge impact on choices. What we want from a boat is so different than much of what we read online where many users are from the east coast USA.

Our next stage is sailing as many boats as possible that are available in our area. See if our reality matches our imagination. This thread has been great in getting the thinking started on what is possible out there. I also agree that for us, the Sirius boats are just amazing. The concept behind the layout of the interior being "connected" to the outside is EXACTLY what we THINK we would want for spending time in the beauty that is Alaska. As we could spend much time inside at anchor, not being down in a cave would be just the thing. Not exactly what we would want in the Bahamas on the other hand.

Thanks for the great thread. I have been lurking for a long time now and have learned so much. We over on this side of the pond wouldn't be exposed to many of these boats without it. Even those of us without the funds to buy a new Sirius or such, it informs about design features that we should hunt out. It lead us to Cooper, CSY, etc that do meet our 2 year budget plans and are available in our area. Keep on keeping on please. Great reading!
Alaska, Thanks for your nice words.

There is not by accident that the type of boats that you are looking for are almost all made in the North of Europe (cold climate), I mean, the ones that are still in production. I could post more 2 or 3 boats that you would find interesting but that have in common to be very expensive and almost impossible to find on the used market.

Instead I am going to post about a boat that I like a lot (have been inside a couple of times) and a boat you can find on the used market at about 150 000€ (2003/2004). That includes VAT and I think you can recover VAT (17%) if you buy it in Europe.

It does not look like but this is a very seaworthy boat and strangely a relatively fast boat especially if there are medium to strong winds. And I say strangely because it does not look the kind of boat that can do well on offshore races but I know that some cruisers had managed some quite amazing results with it.

I had read some tests on this boat and the results were also surprising. I would say the boat had surprised the testers. I am talking about tests on magazines that I consider reliable like the British YachtingMonthly and the German "Yacht".

So if this one has enough space for you (it has a very good storage for a 35ft) I would recommend that you have a good look at it and perhaps a test sail. Even if it is now too expensive in some years the price is going to come down...but not much because these are great quality boats and the value on the used market is high

As a bonus you have the swinging keel (a ballasted one) that permits this boat to seat on the sand and more important, at least for me, it can anchor really close to land and that permits a much better protection in a blow.

Southerly 35RS


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