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Originally Posted by JonEisberg View Post
They have absolutely NO value, IMHO - other than perhaps allowing an anchor to "flip" over into the proper orientation when coming up over a roller... Anyone too lazy to deal with that manually, well, they deserve whatever might be the result of introducing something as needless as a swivel into their ground tackle system....

There have been many documented instances of failures of swivels, their main problem stems from the difficulty of properly inspecting them, many of the components are hidden from view even upon dis-assembly... And, if you're using hi-test chain, chances are any appropriately sized stainless swivel will be the weakest link in your system... ACCO makes a hi-test galvanized swivel sized for 1/4" hi-test, otherwise they are extremely hard to come by...

Boggles the mind how often I see swivels clamped right to an anchor , without any intervening bow shackle, just begging for a side load upon the anchor stock to pry the jaws of the swivel apart, or induce an eccentric load on another part of the swivel, a disaster waiting to happen...

KISS, a single bow shackle between anchor and chain, there is no reason to add additional complexity and potential points of failure, IMHO...

Here's just one recent cautionary tale:

Latitude 38 - 'Lectronic Latitude
There you go. A number of instances of failure. Interesting.

Thanks for that JE.

Have to say I've never had any particular problem in maintaining anchor orientation and that covers Danforths, CQRs, Rocna plus very lately a Bruce and a never used Spade.

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