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Originally Posted by SEMIJim View Post
Why is the fixed-mount GPS not working? Why not get new batteries for the hand-held GPS?

I'm mildly concerned. You allow as how you leave the captaining up to him, but he's "not handy" and leaves "details" up to you. I'm not saying I never miss anything and that the Admiral doesn't sometimes catch me out, but I make an effort to understand as many aspects about our boat, her condition, the area(s) in which we'll sail and the prevailing conditions as humanly possible.

I'm sorry, but your captain sounds sloppy and, I hope I'm not wrecking a marriage with this, but, IMO, you're right to have concerns.

I'm confused. On the one hand we're given the impression your SO doesn't make a big deal out of "little"/"mundane" things, but now he is?

As to your original question, the wind speed thing: You don't need it. Electronic wind speed and direction devices are primarily needed by racers.

A working GPS, tho... that I'd not leave home without. At least until you were intimately familiar with the waters you're going to be in.

The previous items - GPS, handheld & installed, etc. are resolved now, but had not been before we went on our initial sails, along with "buddy of seller" who got us into big trouble operating in the fog with no lights and instruments, and who SO still asks for "expert" opinions, because "Buddy" teaches some navigation courses.

I've always tried to make it my business to know everything about any trip as well, and we've gone to sailing school together for our certification. "Buddy of seller" however, has disliked my being there and asking any questions (harbor captain identifies him as a user, since "Buddy" has no boat of his own). I've been of the position that "Buddy" as a friend, considering his adolescent tendencies, is worrisome. I no longer sail, if "Buddy" is there.

SO and I are not married, live in different states & we go back and forth to each other's and have for years. He's not a problem solver, other than to hand it to someone else, or let it slide if "fixer #1" drops the ball. We've usually gone forward with things when I start to "pick up" and he jumps in with me. I agree with you about the sloppiness - we both are in our houses since we're involved in numerous undertakings, but I adhere to things being shipshape on a boat as well - particularly if you're going to hit some seas, and you need things battened down or need to know where something is immediately - it was how I was taught to sail as a youngster. I have even been on the cell with him when he's on the boat and can't locate a sheet or bumper or some piece of equipment he needs now. We have taken multiple trips on the dinghy, only to return to get something that he was sure he had on him.

Sadly, I'm not getting back on the boat until and when he resolves his issues. If we take it moderately, and build up our experience without "gunning it" everywhere, it could be successful. This is something he's dreamed of doing for years because his parents did it years ago. The overnight sails are his ultimate purpose. He bought the boat "for us". He was furious when I noticed a couple of issues, and asked him about getting a survey.

I caught a big clue this winter when he told me a story of how his mother used to get the wet suit on and clean the bottom of the boat every year, and how his father stayed inside while she did it!

We had a great week at my place, and he just left Monday. So now that he's back home, the tongue lashing e-mails I've received since I expressed a worried opinion about the wind speed indicator are troublesome. His overreaction suggests something is up - even if it is just getting the boat to its mooring for the season.

We definitely do have our strong points, but sadly, without reason, sailing may not be one of them - not if he always has to make something into an issue that normal mortal souls can discuss rationally.

I am now armed with the alternative if the wind speed indicator isn't fixed, but perhaps not an alternative to whatever else is going on?!?

Thanks anyway.
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