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Originally Posted by Silvio View Post
If that is the case take a 4 foot piece of 2x8 or pvc pipe and lash it to two fendrs, hang over the ... side of your boat with the fenders against your hull and the 2x8 riding the waves up and down against the piling.

Good description but man would a picture be nice :-)

Per your suggestion, I added a sketch on photobucket. I should have done that in the beginning.

I've been thinking about your suggestion to use a fender board. Because I have only 2 ft. gap between the boat and pilings when entering, and crosswind eats this up quickly, a conventional fender board would be 6-8" thick at least, thus giving even less room for maneuvering, and to be effective against the downwind piling that I am coming against, it has to be predeployed. Once I am on the piling, it is too late. If I am to use this technique successfully, I will need a super thin fender board. I don't know of one, so I'm setting about to make (invent) one. If anyone knows of one commercially available please let me know.

I will take a 1" or5/4" x ~6" board, ~4-5 ft. long. On one side, I will apply either closed cell foam backing ~1" thick, or alternately (or in combination with foam), line that side top and bottom with "P" shaped vinyl dock edging. This side will go against the boat. Depending on curvature of the hull in this area, I will probably insert a ~1/2" -1" thick block on the extreme ends of the board under the foam or edging so that there are two contact points against the hull. Since the hull side has foam or edging along its entire length, if the board flexes or bends under the load of boat against piling, the boat will still be protected. At either end of the board, I will have a support line, which can be connected to the amidhsips "track" cleat on that side and another track slide on the genoa track. This way the board can be postioned in proper place where contact will come, and will not have to be tied to stanchions or lifelines. On the ends of the board, I will taper the outer edges at ends (on the piling side) to minimize the chance of the board hanging up and tripping the boat against the piling as I come into the slip. I don't want the board working up and down on the boat because it is likely to damage the hull stripe. To make sure that all movement under load is taken between piling and piling side of fender board, I will line that side with low friction plastic slider blocks like those used on some bunk style boat trailers. i.e. High friction of foam/vinyl against the hull and extremely low friction between piling and fender board low friction blocks should assure the movement takes place at the piling side.

I am open to comment and if anyone has other ideas or comments as to how to deal with this docking issue, please let me have them. Thanks.

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