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Originally Posted by nemier View Post
I was wondering when someone would pick up on the fact that my boat interests seem to be polar opposites
The reason is that these sexy boats by Balta are my 'personal' dream, but one my wife of 24 years does not share - what to do?
The Catamarans were an attempt to compromise and I'll soon be trying to enlighten my wife on the wonderful benefits of a Catana 47. But I'm prepared for the likelihood that our circumnavigation may be completed by a Nordhavn

I'm saving the Balta boat for my old age when I go sailing solo. Stay healthy Paulo and I'll sail over and show you my new Balta boat in (2030)
I wonder if this website will even exist by then? The Sailboat Porn thread, sorry, (interesting sailboats) thread will have 26,234 views and going strong
Hum! I don't know if a Cat like the Catana 47 is the right choice. Cats can be uncomfortable with waves. They take the same wave two time, one in each hull .

Have you tried to convince her with a Cigale 16? The boat, specially the older version with water ballasts can be sailed even against the wind with very moderated heeling (15) at a good speed:

I think it will be a more comfortable boat and one you would sail solo without any problem. Can you not convince her with this interior and outside views:

If I said to my wife to come and circumnavigate with me she would not come. She would not even would cross the Atlantic with me and I would never try to persuade her too hard. Go step by step, small steps:

Let your wife experience a Cigale 16 in the Caribbean, let her enjoy the sun and the Islands. Talk her to explore the med, tell her the med is beautifull and the sea allways calm (a small lie ). Buy a boat in Europe and explore the med, let her enjoy that. Later, with more experience, you will see if she will want to cross the Atlantic with you. otherwise you sent her by plane and enjoy the passage in one of the best boats you can have to do that.

Never but never say to her that you want to circumnavigate with her or that she would have to do a passage on the boat. Let her discover the good things in cruising bit by bit don't scare her let her gain confidence and let her have a complete confidence on you and things will go slowly but will go.

Boat Rental Monohull Cigale 16 Guadeloupe Antigua St Martin

Otherwise you can end up buying a boat that would not be indicated to solo sail and your wife with not be with you anyway.

Regarding this thread, I hope it will not last that long . This thread is a kind of occupational therapy for me. I explain: I am a doer and not a patient man but life but me in a situation where I have to be patient and wait that things happen, I mean professionally (the famous Portuguese Bureaucracy). Things are going as preview but the fact that I cannot do almost nothing but waiting would kill me if I had not find something to occupy my time. So in this and in a French forum I participate not only to share knowledge but also to improve my French and English skills. I really hope that in some short time I would have to occupy my time in a different and more profitable way



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