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I think when I have the money I'll just pull the whole boat down the the local sail boat dealer (full service place, not just a yuppie new boat dealer) and have him point out the parts that are missing and how they attach, everything that goes to the boom seems to be wherever the sails ran off to. I have a feeling they were all sold when the boat was originally abandoned, probably due to the keel damage and extensive deck leaks which is costly on labor (more than the value of the boat) if you can't do it yourself, but less than a few hundred for me.

It'll be a few months before I can afford sails anyways probably. And then I'm not sure if I should go with a correct one (original?) for my boat and year from that D&R Marine or go aftermarket sail maker. I've some reports of people getting too big a sail for a 22 from the sail places resulting in saggy boom issues or something. I'll hafta find that post again. The one from D&R seems to be the original configuration, but maybe id want an aftermarket one for features like reefing points which I don't think the original had because it has a roller reefing boom which I've heard is a bit fiddly compared to the modern ones, not to mention interfering with whatever you call the extra optional thing that holds it down in the middle (boom vang, boom preventer? something like that). Also I see that D&R sells a 135% genoa for this instead of a regular Jib, if i could only afford one head sail which should it be? If I can find used ones ill take what I can get, id prefer to just buy someones old 22 set to use.

My order of operations is:
1. Get new hatch boards so water gets in a little less, then fix crack in keel correctly.
2. Make sure the deck fittings and mast are still solid enough to use.
3. Buy sails
4. Buy hardware to make sails work with the somewhat custom hardware I seem to have.
5. sail for the rest of the season (hopefully)

Up here sailing season and working on boat season are the same season unfortunately.

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