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Added more pics, have several inside and outside pics of the keel damage. Its all in the same chamber of the keel which seems to be divided up. I'm not sure if the lead is in the bottom below that water or in front of the bulkhead you can see in the keel. There was already a 2 or 3 inch hole in the floor towards the rear right where you step down, I simply plopped a 5 or 6 inch hole saw on it and made it a really big hole. That bashed in jagged looking hole in the panel below the white floor (kinda a drainage channel) was already there too. The bottom of the keel still has about an inch of rotten leaves and muck in it, I need to finishing cleaning that out but since it slowly refills with water when it rains I wasn't too concerned about pumping it out again just yet.
No clue what they tried to fill it with yet but its some expanding goop I think that hardened like plastic. I smell total half assery, I'll see when I get it ground down, or maybe ground clear through would be better.

No clue what the 2 odd bits of hardware I took a pic of are from, if anyone knows tell me so I don't pitch them.

Also i'm missing 1 curtain rod and 2 of the little screw on round bits that attach to the bases to hold it on. I wouldn't mind finding replacements that match.

Got a shot of the electrical panel, there's actually a light overhead that I think is fluorescent (or just really long) but i'm not sure.

Also took a pic of the mast step for the hell of it, my mast isnt gold like the boom so I would guess its been replaced though it looks rather like the ones I see in pics for these, this mast step seems a little primitive and unsafe compared to the later ones I've seen. If someone fell hard enough into the base it looks like it would shoot out aft. YAY 1972

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