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We've got Abracadabra. 30', 8300 lb. sailboat with 30HP Atomic 4. Can make close to 7 kts on flat water w/no wind, pushing the engine harder than we should. I doubt many sailboats with an A4 go much faster. A lanyard would be kinda silly on such a boat.

Then there's Shazaam! We almost named Shazaam! "Goes Like Hell," at the suggestion of a sailing friend after we took him for a ride on her. 18', 2200 lb. open-bow boat with a 4.3L V6 MerCruiser rated at 205HP, I/O drive system. On a newly-broken-in rebuilt engine she's currently able to do a bit more than 45 MPH (39 kts) at 4800 RPM, and she gets there fast. Pops out of the water like a cork and is onto plane almost instantly.

With Shazaam! I wear the tether . Last Saturday, heading back to the launch, about 1' of chop, doing about 33-35 MPH (29-30 kts) I all-of-a-sudden realized I'd not clipped in. Slowed down to just on plane (~ 27 MPH [24 kts]), had The Admiral grab the wheel, clipped-in, and away we went again.

I think not wearing a tether on a go-faster boat is just plain stupid. Yeah, they're an inconvenience. Just about every time I clip in, at some point I go to stand up and find I'm on a leash. But if I ever hit a wave the wrong way while I'm at speed, and I'm not wearing that tether... *shudder*

All that being said: Enough with the legislation to protect us from ourselves, okay?

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