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Sorry pushed the wrong button
If your in light air and that is a constant of the area you sail, then either get a spinnaker if you wish to own a caliber and learn how to use it, or buy a boat meant for only coastal cruising, like a hunter, jeanneau, catalina.. they are coastal cruisers and do well in light air and most conditions
A caliber is a tough well built boat that while it doesnt point well into the wind, or be able do do race manuvers, if your heading to points other than the US and want a boat that can manage all conditions, the caliber is the best performer.
Once you get past the bahamas, you dont see too many catalinas, hunters or simlar boats, in fact in puerto rico and USVIs we saw only steel ketchs, calibers, hans christenandersons, and many boats that were blue water boats
boats that only are in that area, many owners sail them down and leave them for the season. Our buddy boat down the mona this year was a MOODY and his boat went to grenada and he left the boat for the summer there and flew back, he made the passage from Quebec to Grenada by sailboat this past winter. A moody is another very sound ocean blue water boat.
On creature comforts living aboard, the caliber is great, not as much beam width as a 40 island packet but that is fine. ours has 2heads, a real convience, nice galley , that crappy nav station (who came up with that?_)
YOu can do like escape and replace that and relocate things, if you dont use it.
We saw one caliber long range cruiser who didnt like the galley with no space so he put a cabinet over the sink area, its just to die for.looks great and the storage space is great too
Calibers have good storage space for long trips, i stuff the aft berth with 5boxs of food, i found canned goods do not agree with salt air, so my canned goods go into a plastic storage box till used, i do keep provisions under my bunk and in the front under his bunk for 7months that includes canned meat(brinkmans) canned butter (redfeather) dry goods (repacked to plastic bags) and Canned cheeze, dried cheeze, mixes and other things.
So storage is adaquate.

So again from someone who owns a Caliber LRC 40 (year 2000) it is a great blue water ocean cruiser and made for sea conditions, the covertable rig for the stay sail is great btw..swim platform is super and we do have davits for the dingy, no dragging dingys in the ocean
but if you want to ocean sail its the boat you want to be on.. If you want to sail in the sounds of the US, the chesepeke and do local cruising so your not going out into the ocean or crossing the gulf -save your money and get a boat made for coastal crusing..
I live on this boat 24/7 its a super boat
as for what to bring on an ocean voyage.. a spare of everything on the boat you think can get broken, extra filters for raycores, extra nuts and bolts extra fanbelts, you name it extras, once you leave the US waters every where else has duty, shipping and higher costs to purchase things
ON our boat our Nav light on the boat is a double color and has a lens that is not replaceable so you have to buy the whole unit (price $50) we keep spares of it, reason is in the ocean if the waves hit it, the lens comes off, and no more nav light.. we now keep spares of that , we had to pay 50% duty in the caicos to get a replacement last year and it was the light, plus shipping and duty, bringing the cost from $50 replacement part to $150 spent to get it to us.. So planning is essential from replacements, being handy to fix motor and stuff on a boat, to storing food for the trip//
If you have any more questions write me privatly and i will be happy to help answer them, this is a very expensive boat to purchase and it is a huge decision.. so do read all you can.. it was on our short list of boats we wanted
those included a moody, endevor, passage, and island packet to mention the best we looked at..

Kathleen Banks
s/v Legacy
summer- in oriental, nc
winters- anywhere south of florida<G>
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