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Well...I took a look at it last Friday. Lots of issues, none of them insurmountable...but lots of them.

The engine itself (IMO) showed indications of lack of proper maintenance for years. Leaking thermostat gasket and/or bi-pass hose at front of engine led to the total corrosion of the front two head bolts/studs. Jury-rig fix on another broken engine stud, 2 cans of "Quick Start" stored on the shelf above the engine...not good signs.

Never did get the engine to turn over. Either an electrical problem in the total rat's nest of wiring throughout the engine box, or a bad starter relay.

Deck fittings that had been re-bedded were done very sloppily, some deck leakage although I didn't find any soft spots.

The keel mast step was totally corroded with adjacent damage to some plywood it was bolted to.

All the running rigging needed replacement, as (probably) the standing rigging did if it was 1970's vintage original.

Structurally, I think it was a good hull and could be restored back to it's former glory given the time and money. Too much time involved for me personally though.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and comments. They were a great help.

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