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Originally Posted by bombadil420 View Post
Hi Everyone, My wife and I are considering moving out of our studio apartment and purchasing a boat to live on. We love being on/near water, but are total rookies when it comes to looking for the right boat. We live in Sacramento, California, so the majority of our time spent aboard our home would be on rivers. Any advice?
I wish you had given abit more information about your age/experience etc. but I will give some things for you to ponder ...

and let you know that I lived for 15 years in Sacramento ... and now liveabord a Cal 28 on San Francisco Bay ...

First off ... experience on the water ... and actual time spent on a boat ... how much time have you spent aboard ... it is a very rewarding experience ... much different than in an apartment ... and very rewarding in it's own way ... if you have little to none ... I would highly suggest that you spend time aboard ... both power and sail ... with friends (if they have any) ... if not ... take some time and visit Sacramento Yacht Club or Capital City Yacht Club or River View Yacht Club ... it will let you see potential 'homes' ... lifestyles ... and where you might possibly be keeping your boat

As you will have 100's of miles of delta to explore and enjoy ... see if you can hook up with someone there to spend a weekend on the delta and see if a power or a sailboat makes more sense for you ...

Start reading Latitude 38 and possibly hook up with the Delta Do-Dah which starts end July.

Once you get a feel for the kind of boat you think you would like to live on ... look at boats .. and more boats .. and more boats .. with a keen eye as to space ... privacy ... storage ... comforts ... maintenance

Keep good records as to what you think you want ... what you see you like ... and DON'T like ... and don't be afraid to change your mind

Be realistic with regards to how much time you will spend ... out on the water ... for this will make a marked difference in the boat you end up initially purchasing.

Take classes at the USCG Aux in Sacramento as this will not only add to your education but also give you valued contacts.

Also look at where you will keep her (another reason to start spending time at yacht clubs and marinas ... but don't forget there are also some private moorings available on the river ...)

REMEMBER ... that this is a BUYER'S market right now ... and that you can do very very well in San Francisco purchasing a boat ... for example on Craigs List there's a beautiful Cal 30 for sale ... blue water boat with many upgrades .. well maintained ... for $3700 ... or this 36' Bill Garden 36 with asking price of 13.5K

I would highly recommend getting immersed in the culture ... for it is a culture ... learning as much as you can ... about what you want and what makes you happy ... and not being afraid to take the 'plunge' if you find that is what you want to do.

Also remember that maintenance aboard is something mandatory and not merely an option ... you don't have to be a skilled craftsman (tho yes it helps) ... you need to be willing to learn ... and put the time and effort into it ...

Finding a balance between what makes you happy initially ... what you will enjoy living on ... and what you can afford ... is rather difficult ... especially when there are two of you ... so communicate ... especially the things that you dislike.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

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