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Questions on restoring deck on 1974 Laser - Pic Heavy

I am pretty excited since I just got home with a new to me 1974 Laser. My 30-ish word story is I sailed a bit with my Dad on his laser when I was in high school (1983-ish) and thought it was kinda cool. 5 years after that, me and my brother took out my Dad's O'Day 14 and ripped up and down a lake in Traverse City. Whoa, the bug was set!

Two weeks ago, I found a older Snark Sunflower 3.3 leaning on a tree with a sign....$30! I left the owner $30 and within 5 minutes of getting home was in 7th heaven and I'm still smiling from the 2 day experience. Not to be complacent, 9 days after buying and sailing the Snark, my Dad encouraged me to get a Laser and have a blast.

Well, as you all know they are hard to find. There were about 6-8 listings in the Michigan/Ohio/Ill area and I kinda became obsessed with finding one. Well, I found one. The description on CL was POS boat with nice trailer, centerboard, tiller and 2 worn sails. Oh yea, it was $500. Hmmmm. I looked at it and got freaked out since it looks like HELL. The previous, previous owner (PPO) apparently had great intentions of re-doing the deck and went at it with a sander and did some "bondo" work and added 2 structural pieces with plywood. I just got it home and, again, I am a bit overwhelmed. The PO I got it from had it for about 5 years and didn't touch it. He was a fantastic guy with a ton of sailing history and rebuilding of wooden boats (Thistles) and was as helpful as he could have been.

Here is his suggestion - excuse the lack of sophistication of the terms, I am learning.

Step 1. Sand the roughed-up bondo sections and and the really bad spots on the sides of the deck (where you would sit) and the area aft of the cockpit where the traveler would go. Do the same to the tip of the bow of the boat.

Step 2. Prep the above sections for fiberglass by wiping down with acetone. Lay a single layer of 6oz glass on the boat, dry, to the areas mentioned above and squeegee in resin and work outwards towards the gunwale. Get all small bubbles out and let it set.

Step 3. Fill in the newly glassed areas with light farring compund and sand when dry to a nice smooth finish to give the entire glassed area a smooth finish.

Step 4. Make sure the rest of the boat is smooth, prepare the entire deck area for paint and paint it - add in some of the Behr traction sand to give the paint some bite.

Does this sound reasonable? I do not have experience with glassing, but I am a quick learner.

Does 60z seem the right weight for the glass?
What specific epoxy do you suggest for the glassing? West 105 Epoxy and 206 slow hardener?
What about the filler - how about West 410 Microlite filler?

I will not race this in an official race. I am a bit competitive and do have an interest but I know for a true, sanctioned race I would not be able to compete. Perhaps I'll find some friendly (lol) non-sanctioned races locally. But, aside from the extra weight, can I legally race?

Anyhow - I have learned a lot from this site by lurking and REALLY appreciate everyone's input and advice!!! The hardware is only screwed in temporarily. The decks itself, is not very soft and has little flex.

Here are some pics of the boat - I think there is some great potential.
The hardware is only screwed in temporarily. The decks itself, is not very soft and has little flex.

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