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Originally Posted by knothead View Post
I suggested removing the oil from the water and then pouring out the water. Please don't twist what I said.

I think this is the rub...there is no way for us regular folk to do this and meet the requirements of the EPA/DEQ/DNR/etc/etc....

Knot, I do understand where you are coming from....just got back from the green boxes (trash dump here in NoVA) where a little old lady dumped 4 pints of 2 stroke oil for mix in the green box, she was careful to open each one and then throw it in..when she saw me shaking my head, she said she "usually just pours all that crap down the sink, but lately it causes such a mess I thought I would take it to the dump"..

When I suggested that she dump them in the oil tank about 20' away (big sign about waste oil, waste antifreeze next to it)....she only said "oh this isn't oil, it is to be mixed with oil to make it work like gas"..when I started to explain, she waved me off, got in her car and drove off.

The attendant who watched the whole thing, just shrugged and went back to his little shack....

Now the oil is running out of the green box, on to the oil dry (or cleanup kit, or phone number like you see at ALL marinas), no attendant action (when I pointed out to him, "it ain't my job, besides what difference will it make"..

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