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In London, there are surveillance cameras every street corner. If you take out your professional grade camera to take a few pics, you will be instantly approached by the heavily armed policepersons. If you are lucky, you will be asked to put your camera away. If you are no, they will take your card away. There were so many abuses since 9/11, UK is considered as a police state.

I am afraid that terrorists has become less an enemy than our own government. No I don't want the big brother keep watching us, I don't want to take these chances. To many, United State is the last refuse. The potential for abuse is enormous. One bad cop or law enforcer will do more harm than 10 bad guys.

Just look at the recently incidents from TSA, the most incompetent government employees are guiding our airport security. In the name of Nation security, they strip away all our dignity. If you dare to complain or speak up, they lynch on the spot. They will make sure you will miss your flight. You will never win.

No surveillance cameras, please.

Fine Print:
I am old school. Integrity is to do the right thing even when no one is watching.
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