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Originally Posted by PCP View Post
And Erick you are right, most of the cruisers don't really use the traveler and that's why most of the big production cruisers don't have a traveler anymore.

Many times on strong winds me and my kid played with the boat, kind of doing 8K with 25/30K wind with a 2th reef at 90º. The boat on the limit reacted as a big dingy and it was indispensable a lot of work with the traveler and the wheel.

I think that you would agree that a good traveler over the cockpit is a lot better than no traveler at all and that is what the Jeanneau 409 has and the vast majority of other cruisers don't have, a traveler and the main boom control line at the wheel
I agree, Paulo. An uncluttered cockpit is certainly most important for most cruisers, who value a bimini that can stay up when sailing and better access to the bathing platform more than sailing performance. Since many cruisers probably do not understand the use of a traveler anyway, it makes perfect sense not to fit any at all.

Compared with both the mainsheet and the traveler completely out of hand on the coach roof, the German sheeting system should indeed allow you to ease the mainsail from the helm in case of emergency.

But for active upwind sailing, quickly easing and hauling in puffs and lulls, nothing beats a full-size and well purchased traveler positioned aft, right under the clew of the mainsail.
I really think it takes somebody like Paulo at the helm, plus an athletic and well motivated kid at the coach roof to be able to perform this kind of active sailing with what most production boats offer as a mainsail traveler .

Of course, I perfectly understand that this of no importance whatsoever to most users. Every day we can see very loosely hoisted sails, horrible sheeting angles and even sails without battens, while everyone on board is perfectly happy. As long as no-one gets as fuzzy about security issues, this can be perfectly OK.

So once again, it comes down to making the right, personal and well informed choices.
But I personally wouldn’t be happy without a good mainsail traveler.

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