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Sorry for late reply. I did get the anode plugs out- Not such a bad job with the right tool.
Bolt Extractors - Tools - IRWIN TOOLS

Since the bolt head was not in good shape, used the Irwin model #53917 24 mm bolt extractor. It worked great. Before using I heated the anode plug up with a plumbing type propane torch. Estimate heated to 180 deg F. I had a lot of fire extingishers available and i took a wet rag and put it on the surrounding parts to keep them cool. I also removed to diesel fuel pump off the engine and the fuel lines as the plugs are close to these items and did not want to damage or set on fire. I did use some PB Blaster before and after heat cycling to try to make removal easier- because the plugs are sealed I do not think the PB Blaster did any good as it had no way to get into the threads. I used a 4 foot pipe on the socket wrech with the Irwin bolt extractor. I had almost my full weight of 185 lbs on the 4 foot extension before the anode plug began to very slowly turn. At first I thought I was tearing the plug apart but I was lucky and it came out. Did same procedure on 2nd plug and it worked. I did try to use dry ice prior to heating (I was afraid of a fire) but ice did not work. I am told you can mix alchol with the ice to make a slurry which will allow the ice to cool the bolt better but I did not do this. I installed new anode plugs as the originals were in bad shape. I used anti sieze on the new plugs and hopefully will allow easy removal. I will inspect anodes annually.

PS- keep the PB Blaster away from engine seals (transmission seals) and gaskets and fuel pump. I have heard the fluid can destroy these parts. Use a Q-tip to apply- not spray.
good luck

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