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You can have whatever you want, you just can't have "everything."

My suggestion would be, to identify the thing that makes it feel not like "camping out" and find a way to address that - otherwise it's not going to work in the long run. We watch DVDs on the laptop screen as has been mentioned before, don't have a TV, and found a hand-crank blender, but my 'thing' is communication - I'll sacrifice in other areas but we spend a lot on cellphone and internet. For my friend MaryLou, it's long hot showers. You get the idea.

Microwaves aren't so bad as things go, they take a lot of power, but only for a short time. If that's what it takes to turn boating from an ordeal into an adventure, find a way to work it into the energy budget.

A note about inverters, BTW - you can find small inexpensive ones that put out "square" or "modified" sine wave AC - this is fine for battery power things like laptop and cellphone. Anything with a motor (like said microwave) needs a more expensive "true sine wave" or it will quickly burn out. We lost several power tools this way.
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