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Trailer Sailor/Lake Sailor

I know there are lots of other threads out there on the topic +- what I'm wanting but was hoping maybe someone could give me some personal feedback.

Guess I am pretty sure I know what I want as far as what I'm hoping to get out of the experience but what boat to choose I'm hoping not necessarly for someone to tell me "the" boat but maybe some suggestions.

So here's where I am in a nutshell.

I live on a lake. Pretty big lake Lake cumberland in Ky 1200 miles of coast.
Not the best sailing lake I know but wouldn't be the only sailboat on the lake either.

It has to be a trailer sailor. I dont want to be stuck on this lake only although it will be in a slip most of the year on the lake.

However getting the boat "OUT" of the lake means pulling the boat out on a trailer out of the water even though our ramps are steep droping off around 10' per 15' ratio.

A good portion of the lake is sheltered by moutains but it wide enough that even those portions have some wind.

White caps on the lake are rare.

I want to camp on the boat with me and my wife.

The first boat I had my somewhat heart set on was a macgregor not the 50hp model 1994 Macgregor 26S sailboat for sale in Ohio

The more I look up on them like others have said there seems to be a great hatred for them. However a weighted keel boat would seem extreemly hard to trailer.

I have a marina no more than 5 min from my house which will be my obvious choice to keep the boat in a slip but like I've said I'll be trailering to other places a couple times a year for a week or two.

I'd like to pull the boat behind a 1/2 ton pick up or possibly a jimmy. No desire to buy a 1 ton truck for one purpose only.

So anyway other than the macgregor can someone give me some suggestions that might fit the bill of a weekend trailer sailor that's deciently easy to pull out of the water. That is good in light air thats comfortable for 2 to camp in for the weekends. But can be sailed by 1.

Price range from 5 to a cap of 15k.

I hope I havent narrowed my search down so narrow that theres nothing left as I'd like to keep my options open.

Any help anyone might be able to give me will not fall on a deft ear but would be extreemly appreciated.
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