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Originally Posted by Jolley Roger
I have just embarked on a project to rebuild a mac 21.
I have the boat in 2 halves with everything stripped off.
i have a bunch of known repairs, and i assume some unforseen ones.
If anyone has done something similar i would appreciate their input
Main items
1 Mast step repair - the mast step has been torn off with some damage to the glass and plywood base. I plan to repair this by screwing a piece of 1/4 inch marine ply inside the cabin, beneath the mast (approx 8 to 10 inches square) then putting a layer of glass over the ply inside the cabin and also a layer on the deck above.
This extra thickness will mean i need to shave a little off the wooden mast support post inside the cabin when it is replaced. it looks to me that this post is allowed to extend vertically, since the bolts attaching it to the hull and the cabin ceiling are not screwed in tight???

Mine's ok so I don't know what's under there.

2 Paint - i planned to paint the hull and the deck whilst the boat is in two halves. Any suggestions on paint? The boat will only be used in fresh water and anti fouling is not permitted. the condition is not too bad but there is some star burst in the gel coat. If I wanted to used regular paint (not intended for glass fibre) what type of primer would be necessary?

Epoxy based is best.

3 Joining the two halves together - the boat was originally screwed together. i intend to put some new glass to strengthen up the joint edges and repair some small cracks around the screw holes. I am wondering whether to replace the teak wood bead inside the hull, and glass this in place, or if I should remove this and pop rivit the 2 halves together??

I'd use the original method and make sure to use a sealer/adhesive between the hull and deck.

4 Sliding Hatch Cover - the glass fibre hatch is cracked and warped, and I would appreciate input from anyone who may have replaced this with some other form of sliding hatch cover
5 Extra Storage - i plan to open up the plywood in the quarter berths to create some extra storage, anything I should watch out for here???
6 Rigging - whilst i'm at it, does anyone have any improvements to the rigging, i should incorporate??? I appear to have 2 forestays, is this normal? (My mast does not have spreaders).

Mine is a fractional with swept spreaders. What year is this boat?

7 Boom - The boom is a roller reefing type although i cannot see what will stop it unfurling, as the rachet type mechanism seems worn
8 Rudder - the rudder is in good shape although there does not seem to be anything to tether it, should it get knocked out of its hinges.

No help there, min'es a standard gooseneck boom.

9 Pulpit and stantions - i will install these but do not have location dimensions as they are off another boat.
10 Cockpit layout - currently there are 2 quarter berths and the vee berth. ther is no space for a simple basin. Any suggestion of where to install?

The basin went to starboard just forward of the quarter berth.

11 Electrical system - there are stern and nav lights but no mast head light and all the wiring is scrap. Any suggestions of wiring layout and battery position?

Just abaft the companionway bulkhead is a good spot.

12 Porta potty - I have to get one of these, however, the only location i can see for this is in the area between the 2 quarter berths, which would mean it would need to be put in the cockpit for any overnight stays
13 Keel - there is some wear to the keel locking bolt holes (the pivot hole is in great shape) Any repair suggestions. or should i just bore out and fit a larger bolt. This might get too large as the hole is quite worn.

Mine doesn't have a keel lock.

I'll probably think of some more questions as i get further into the project, but would appreciate any help i can get at present!!!!
Mine V-21 is a 1976 model.
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