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Ever watch Myth Busters? I love those guys and can't believe they get paid to do that stuff! I'd do it for free! Anyways, they did a whole show dedicated to motion sickness. Both the red headed kid with glassed and the oriental fellow were used as guinea pigs, because they are so affected by motion. They tried everything on the market. Most of it is absolute bunk, especially magnetic bracelets. The one thing that worked absolute wonders was ginger root, available in pill form from CVS, GNC, Walmart and the like, for a couple of bucks. Red, who blows just thinking about the motion sickness seat that they made (no really), took the ginger root, then sat in the seat for 5 minutes saying "bring it on!". Without it, 15 seconds and he's blowing chunks. I'm sold. We carry ginger root in the car and on the boat now.
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