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Originally Posted by myocean View Post
Meanwhile I am more and more drifting towards multihull. The Outremer 42 looks really attractive to me. A kind of Cat-Pogo, may be even faster, but with more comfort (more space) and even less draft (go closer to the beach).
Comparing monohulls with multihulls is of course quite tricky, but it certainly is an excellent exercise to value different characteristics.
In this perspective I think Ulf makes a very good point by presenting a definitely performance orientated catamaran against a monohull with somewhat multihull-like characteristics.

Both are light and built in composite materials, the Outremer with dagger boards and the Pogo with a deep and slender pivoting keel.
Unfortunately, I do not know the polars of either of these boats. But both will probably very much dislike to be loaded the way liveaboards would want to.
Otherwise they should perform very well, especially downwind and even compared to most of their mono- or multihull concurrents. But the Pogo can carry a much bigger asymmetric spinnaker and has less weight, so it should at least be able to keep up with the catamaran. And I also think almost any monohull must be more rewarding at the helm than almost any catamaran.

Although the Pogo certainly isnít the most performant monohull upwind and while the Outremer will probably beat most other catamarans, there seems to be little doubt that the VMG of the monohull will be better.
Anyone who has ever experienced two hulls, intimately tied together and trying to overcome the same seas at an angle, will agree that this quickly results in a quite chaotic and unpredictable behavior. The always massive coachroof with little or no forward view for anyone but the helmsman also does not help to make the crew feel comfortable in these situations. Therefore some might prefer the sound heel and clear view of a monohull.

Even below decks both yachts share the same philosophy, with interiors that offer all the basics but that are further kept as simple as possible to save weight and avoid unnecessary trouble and maintenance.
The Outremer 42 has limited space inside compared to more cruising oriented catamarans, but is still much more roomy than even the most generous monohull. The Pogo 12.50 has much more space in- and outside than almost any other monohull of comparable size, but can never compete with the Outremer in this prospect. At anchor, nothing beats the trampoline of a catamaran, the panoramic saloon, the huge and sheltered cockpit, the handling of the tender. And with two engines wide apart, you can hardly miss any maneuver.

Although the Pogo is not cheap and he Outremer is considered good value for money, building a catamaran will always involve more hardware and inevitably be more expensive. Of course the same goes for berthing costs.

So both yachts share the same concept of performance, simplicity and building quality.
Apart from financial considerations, liveaboards and blue water cruisers have very good reasons to prefer a catamaran. It seems this Outremer will give them excellent sailing performance and at anchor any catamaran will make you feel in paradise.
But once a sound degree of heel is accepted, I think the monohull will be faster in almost any condition and more rewarding to sail.
There probably are no bad choices, only personal ones. I perfectly understand your dilemma, Ulf!

Best regards,

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