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OK that's a good theory eb current around Falkners but leg three is still a puzzle to me.

Leg three started out great. But as you can see I had to veer west for the last few hundred yards. Why? If the current was comming from west to east it should have curved me to the west especialy if I was slowing down pinching too much.

Unless it is the kind of thing where the current was right on the nose and if it got just to starboard of the boat it would push me west.
The good thing is that I've got the track so can obsess over this untill I figure it out.

I'm going to check the current directions for that area and see just how variable the directions are. I usually think of the current as more or less following the coast but maybe not. Obviously when it gets to inlets it has to change direction radacally to go up the inlet. This must cause local direction changes the closer you get to the shore.

Part of my problem is that leg 3 started out just the way I planned it. If it started wrong I would just have accepted that I misjudged the wind and/or current. What bothers me is that it started exactly as I planned but I veered off west the last bit.

The other half of the problem is that I had exactly the same issue with leg 4. Started off great then I veered off but east this time. This actually make sense as the current was going east.
But why did I get hurt both ways?

I've got my speed and location's on the whole track so I'm thinking I can plot out whole thing and maybe I can find a current speed and direction that would explain the behaviour.
Copping out and calling it a wind shift sounds too unplausable to me.

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