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Originally Posted by FrankLanger
Therefore, it seems to me that a radar reflector is not really a useful addition in my case (there are already too many things I need to spend money on!). Am I overlooking something?

Thanks for any comments or opinions.

Yup !

Your invisable to radar !
Widen your senarios a bit further.

Consider something like Ferry and tug boat in a near miss situ, Lets say the Ferry has to act fast and swing wide into a clear space, Can you be sure that he's going to see you? can you be sure that he won't just instinctively swing to the EMPTY space on his instruments while keeping eyes the action he's busy avoiding on the far side?

Same problems in a Man overboard senario, will all eyes elsewhere theres a possibility of a ferry paying more attention to the instruments than upfront.

By rights you logic sould stack up but your logic is only sound IF everyone else on the water behaves as you expect them too.

Do you want to leave it to trust for everyone else to notice you out there if they get caught up in a heavyduty crisis of thir own ?

Havin said that, A radar reflector is not the only option
A cannon on deck to Blast them out of the water, could work pretty well
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