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So many folk who end up with steel/cement or old neglected wood do so because they want more boat than they can afford. In every harbour you'll then find them going even further to wrack and ruin cos if you can barely afford to buy that fixer upper then you can probably not afford to maintain her.

In another thread recently we had a fellow who has never sailed before wanting to buy a 100' timber schooner cos he found 50' too claustrophobic. There is not arguing with people like this, all you can do is watch the impending train wreck.

What's more the number of times these oversized hulks are owned by single males, well and truely down on their uppers is perhaps no coincidence.

LaFayette, I am not trying to be overly negative but having been through the timber boat fixer upper stage myself and barely come out the other side please be careful. If you don't have experience of doing what needs to be done yourself or at least you are a very fast learner a cheap boat can get very expensive, very quickly.

Sub 40' glass is a much better place to start than plus 40' anything.

Looking at the Jouet its hard to tell how much work is complete and how much still to be done but the size is good. I'm not a hull expert so could be wrong here, but she looks to me very much IOR era, pinched stern, small main, big headsail, could be a handful short handed.

Trisfer 40 --- run , don't walk, don't look back, keep on running. If the broker says EUR25.000, then double it.

CT41 ... don't know, can't tell from the pics but check the tanks and look for leaks. Sailing ability ? I dont' know but I'd have thought slow.

Romaine ... how old is she ? For mine she is the pick of those four boats but that is purely an impression gained from looking at the pics.

Good Luck.

Andrew B (Malö 39 Classic)

“Life is a trick, and you get one chance to learn it.”
― Terry Pratchett.

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