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When you think about it if you are healed your keel is not doing it's job as well as it could which is to keep the boat from sliding sideways through the water. It is effectively shorter that it should be. Every boat has a designed sweet spot and if you are over canvased for that boat you will not point as high as you could.

Letting the jib sheets fly will probably make it worse.
The jib does at least three things.
  • First it is a foil (wing) shape and there is effectively a sucking effect as the low pressure on the windward side pulls the boat forward just like a wing on a plane lifts the airplane.
  • Second the jib creates a slot between it and the main which increases the efficiency of the main.
  • Third the extra lift the jib creates cause an increase of speed which move the apparent wind windward allowing you to point better. The slower you are forced to go either do to waves, or current the less your windward ability.

Not on your boat usually but on some race boats they use an in-hauler which is a line attached to the center of the active sheet and pulled a right angles to the sheet to force the clue inboard even more to get a couple more degrees of heading. Never let it fly.

Good sails will be stiff to the point of crackling. Old sails will be like a t-shirt.
The good sails if cut right will set with a more accurate air foil shape.

When you head up too much which sail luffs first and how much further do you have to head up to luff the other sail?
Also look at how your jib is rigged. You may have to move the turning block back to streach the foot of the jib to get it flat. You want your sails to both be as flat as you can get them in high wind. It may not be intuitive but loose for light wind tight for heavy wind.
The jib may size may have to be reduced by reefing or exchange.

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