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Equalizing with Link 2000

This may be an old topic, but I thought I'd share my equalizing attempts with the Link 2000(R). This is specifically in regards to Lifeline AGMs--which Lifeline says should be equalized at 15.5v x 8 hours as follows:
Charge with voltage-regulated (Constant voltage) charger.

Charge1 @ 15.5 volts for 8 hours.

Avoid overcharging. All batteries must be adequately vented during charging to avoid accumulations of explosive hydrogen gases. Never install or charge in a sealed container or sealed room.

Equalizing should only be done when the battery is showing symptoms of capacity loss or from inadvertent deep discharges. In the event equalization is necessary, make sure to go through the normal charge cycle. Once the battery is fully charged, begin equalizing.
The above is from Lifeline's website. So, I tried to equalize following the Link 2000 instructions. The Link 2000 will keep the voltage at the battery's acceptance level according to the manual. With battery type selected as type 3 (AGM) and normal tempurature setup (80), when in equalization mode the voltage only goes to 14.3 @ 2-4amps (batteries fully charged before trying equalization). This is obviously not a true equalization voltage, so I decided to override the battery setting to Type 0. Now, equalizing sends the voltage to 15.8v at 60amps. Needless to say, I chickened out and immediately shut off the charger.

So, the alternative is "equalizing" in AGM-mode which basically keeps the voltage in acceptance mode (14.3) rather than dropping down to float (13.3) for 8 hours. Will this help a sulfated AGM battery just to keep the voltage at 14.2-14.4? Probably not but if anyone else has done this let me know.

You know, I don't think you have to equalize fuel cells .
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